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Keeping Up with Drone Safety


April 24, 2018

UL experts join The UAV Digest podcast to discuss important battery safety issues

As drones become more common for commercial use, safe operation remains important. Though some general safety risks exist across all batteries and battery uses, there are also unique safety concerns for lithium-ion batteries in drones.

In response to market need, UL 3030, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, was created to take a holistic approach to evaluating safety. This dedicated standard establishes requirements to specifically cover the electrical systems of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones. In April, Ken Boyce, Principal Engineer Director for UL’s Energy & Power Technologies division, and Ibrahim Jilani, UL’s Senior Business Development Manager, joined The UAV Digest podcast to share their knowledge and discuss this dedicated standard.

Listen to the episode to learn more ,or contact UL for specific questions regarding your needs.