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Keeping Up with Chemical Market and Marketing Trends

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November 14, 2019


Chemical market trends are evolving quickly due to technological advancement, and the same can be said for marketing across all sectors. As manufacturers and suppliers adjust their company strategies in response to chemical market trends, their marketing tactics need to align with those changes and updates. Within B2B marketing there are three major trends affecting the chemicals and plastics industries today:

  • An expanded online presence is required for organic search.
  • Companies are reporting high returns from their account-based marketing efforts.
  • Adoption of marketing automation tools are making omnichannel marketing more feasible.

Drivers of market change

At the heart of this change for the chemicals market are the data and technology platforms that allow companies to add value for their customers. One key chemical market trend is the introduction of digital services by suppliers to innovate their current product portfolio1 . It will be important to leverage customer insights to guide product development and marketing of new solutions to capitalize on this trend. Chemical and plastics companies that use analytics to understand what products are being searched for, who is searching for those products, and what marketing strategies are driving results will have an edge over their competition. This information can be used to develop effective account-based marketing and omnichannel marketing strategies. Gaining information to implement these strategies requires the right tools and resources, which are becoming more and more accessible with digital marketing advances.

Recouping investments due to market change

Increasing awareness of new offerings is essential to recoup investments into products and services that meet new market demands. Digital marketing strategies that reach a targeted audience can help companies gain visibility and boost brand reputation with potential customers. Having an expanded online presence that incorporates industry-specific search engines (such as UL’s Prospector™), professional online publications, and a search engine-optimized website can aid in getting in front of chemical buyers at the right time in their purchase journey.

Paid media can also increase brand awareness with new customers and can be used to drive quality leads for innovative products. Finding partners that can give you access to the right audience is becoming even more important with digital media. This is due to both the increasing amount of customer privacy and data protections that are being put in place and the amount of ad fraud that has flooded online advertising. Not only can ad fraud waste marketing budget, it can create misleading or bad data. This can have severe negative consequences if you are using data that has been generated by ad fraud to guide marketing or product development decisions. Having partners that have verified prospects that are validated regularly can help prevent ad fraud from impacting your marketing efforts.

Staying informed of trends

Staying on top of chemical market and marketing trends is important for manufacturers and suppliers because using those trends can guide creating an effective strategy. Making sure you are aligned with the industry and customer expectations can have short and long-term benefits. There is the immediate return of potential new sales, and the more lasting effects of establishing your brand as a leader in the chemicals and plastics markets.

Want to learn more?

Check out the slide show below to get more in-depth information on using chemical marketing trends to increase your sales. See how to go beyond your website for organic search, get information on obtaining high-quality data for an account-based marketing strategy, and learn what resources are needed for successful omnichannel marketing.

Chemical marketing trends and how they impact sales from UL Materials and Supply Chain

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