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Join UL’s presentation: Test Machines Data Acquisition Capabilities at HFMSE (Home Furnishings Manufacturing Solutions Expo)

July 12, 2018

July 18 – 2.15 – 2.45 pm - Exhibitor Presentation Pavilion – TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC, USA.

Good test equipment is critical for getting the most data for your money. Knowing that your product met the test requirements is good, but knowing how the test affected the product and is critical. Having test equipment that collects data as it performs the test will do just that. If you have the right test equipment your product can talk, it can tell you how well it is doing, how it will do in the future and what you should be concerned with.

How much does the foam in your seat cushion break down? What is the difference between one construction method and another? So the chair passed the test but when did it become uncomfortable? When did a weld break, or a fastener get loose or fall out? We know it broke because we can see that, but how did it break, what failed first? How can you do value engineering if you don’t have the facts to base it on?

You need to have test equipment that talks to you and tells you what is going on, you need to have test equipment that collects data that tells you the whole story. If you are performing static tests your equipment should be collecting data as often as possible so you know what happened and when and you can review the data like watching a slow motion video. If you are performing cyclic testing to see how your product will hold up over time or with use you need test equipment that will give you snap shots along the journey, and you can graph this wear and make sure that it is alignment with your expectations and your customers’ expectations.

When pass or fail is just not enough for you to bet your future on you need data and facts.  

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We are at booth #2021.