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Japan Publishes ST 2016 for Toy Safety

March 10, 2016

Japan Toy Safety Standard ST 2016, published on February 1, 2016 and in force beginning April 1, 2016, incorporates recent changes in ISO 8124.  Revisions include:
ST 2016 – Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties

  • Revisions for projectiles

        -       [4.18.1]
a)     All rigid projectiles shall have a tip radius of not less than 2 mm. (Tip assessment gauge)
b)    The leading edges and corner adjacent to them shall be smooth.
c)     The corner adjacent to the leading edge of a rigid projectile with stored energy shall have a radius of 0.25 mm or more.

  • New criteria for toy fasteners

        -       []
a)    Toy fasteners (e.g. nails, bolts, screws, and pegs) with nearly spherical, hemispherical, or dome-shaped ends intended for children 18 months and over but under 48 months shall meet the ff. criteria:

  1. Diameter - 15 mm or more
  2. Distance from the apex of the toy fastener to the undercut – 44.4 mm or less
  3. Overall length – 57.1 mm or more
  • New criteria for bath toys

        -       [4.8.2]
a)     Rigid projections on toys designed primarily for use in the bath tub pose a specific hazard that can result in serious penetration and impalement injuries. Design guidelines that intend to minimize penetration and impalement hazards are presented in Annex 13A (Bath toy projection guidelines).

  • Clarifications of the criteria for batteries (button cell batteries, etc.)

        -       [4.26]
a)     The container for the batteries (such as button cell batteries, etc.) that can be considered a “small part” shall have a structure that cannot be easily opened unless

  1. Tools are used or
  2. At least two independent movements are performed at the same time.

b)    Button cells, coin type batteries or batteries under 3V shall not be exposed after relevant tests have been carried out.
ST 2016 – Part 2: Flammability

  • Clarifications of the criteria for flammability (more info)

        - Masks which partially cover the face are previously subject to the ST Mark.
a)     4.1 and 4.2.4 shall not be performed
b)    4.2.5 shall be performed for fabric and cardboard masks
        - Masks which fully cover the face are subject to the ST Mark.
a)     4.2.4 shall be performed

  • Identical to ISO 8124-2

During a two-year transition period ending March 31, 2018, both ST 2012 and ST 2016 will be accepted by the Japan Toy Association.
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