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Japan Approves Ban on Polychlorinated Naphthalene, Pentachlorophenol

March 10, 2016

Japan has amended the Act on the Examination, Regulation, and Manufacture of Chemical Substances to include polychlorinated naphthalene (with two chlorine atoms) and pentachlorophenol (salt or ester) as Class I Specified Chemical Substances.
Under the new amendments:

  • products with polychlorinated naphthalene (with two chlorine atoms) cannot be imported as

      ₋       lubricating oil and cutting oil
      ₋       wood preservatives
      ₋       paint (limited to those for antiseptic, insecticidal, or mold protection)

  • pentachlorophenol (salt or ester) cannot be imported as

      ₋       preservatives
      ₋       wood antiseptic
      ₋       glue
The ban has an enforcement date of May 10, 2016.
Source (Japanese)