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Italian Textile Manufacturers Commit to Detox Standard

March 10, 2016

Twenty companies from Italy's Prato textile district have announced their commitment to Detox, the highest standard in toxin-free fashion production. The adoption of the standard will affect over 13,000 tons of yarn and raw materials as well as over 13 million meters of fabric every year.
Under the agreement, standards for the elimination of hazardous chemicals will be implemented at the supply chain level. Highlights of the agreement include the removal of hazardous chemicals from:

  • Yarn Production: 4,500 tons/year
  • Fabric Production: 4,500,000 meters/year
  • Textile Raw Materials Production: 1,800 tons/year
  • Yarn (Dyed): 3,700 tons/year
  • Fabrics (Dyed): 8,800,000 meters/year
  • Chemicals Produced: 3,200 tons/year

To date, the Prato-based companies have already removed several hazardous chemical groups required by the Detox campaign; following a clear and ambitious list, all hazardous chemicals are expected to be eliminated from the supply chain by 2020.