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Israel Revises Standards on Changing Units and Soothers for Children

March 10, 2016

The government of Israel has made two changes to its Mandatory Standards for children - SI 1157.  Draft changes are open for comments until April 23, 2016.

SI 5115 – part 1 – Changing units: Changing units for domestic use – Safety requirements Draft adopts the European Standard EN 12221-1: 2008 + A1: August 2013. Major changes:
  • Divides the changing units into two types according to the maximum child age and weight allowed using it
  • Adds marking according to the maximum child age and weight allowed
  • Updates the product warnings
SI 1157 – Child use and care articles – Soothers for babies and young children – Safety requirements and test methods Draft adopts the European Standard EN 1400: 2013 + A1: April 2014. The major differences between the original version and new revised draft standard include:
  • Updates the product warnings
  • Unites the 3 different standards into one
  • Makes a few changes in the testing equipment, including in the blocking rectangle, in the ventilation holes test indicators and in the finger traps
  • Adopts a few joint migration rules to determine the migration limits only as part of the TDI's
  • Sets new requirements for the flanges
  • Adds new information relating to the chain supply in the case of products containing vulcanized rubber
  • Adds new tests for formaldehyde
  • Adds new tests for bisphenol A

Adds new tests for color stability