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INMETRO Official China Roadshow

China 5

December 17, 2018

By Flora Chen, Marketing Specialist

The UL and Brazil 20th Anniversary INMETRO Certification Dialogue Seminar was recently held in Guangzhou and Suzhou. Representatives from the National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) of Brazil, Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Lighting Products (ABILUMI), Brazilian Association of Lighting Industry (ABILUX) and a group of guests traveled to the UL’s Guangzhou and Suzhou offices and introduced at the seminar the market situation and INMETRO regulations for lighting products in Brazil.

The past 20 years have witnessed the rapid development of bilateral trade between China and Brazil, with China becoming Brazil’s largest import and export trading partner. This year also marks UL’s 20th anniversary in the Brazilian market. With outstanding ability and unremitting pursuit of professionalism, UL has always been trusted by the Brazilian government and customers domestically and internationally. UL is one of the first certification authorities recognized by the Brazilian government and also has the most widely recognized INMETRO product certification category.

“China and Brazil both belong to the ‘BRIC countries’ which are the five emerging markets with great development potential in the world. Among them, the bilateral trade performance between China and Brazil is very eye-catchin,” said Jun Shi, General Manager of UL-CICC. “However, compared with some developed countries in Europe and North America, the mutual understanding of the two markets is still relatively limited due to a series of difficulties, such as long geographical distance, foreign exchange control of Brazilian government and low English penetration rate, which pose great challenges along with great opportunities for Chinese companies aiming at the Brazilian market.”

Jun Shi, General Manager of UL-CICC

To give customers a clear understanding of the Brazilian certification system, the official representative of INMETRO provided an in-depth analysis of the Brazilian conformity assessment system, the composition of the Brazilian certification system, international supervision and cooperation, technical regulations and certification processes. In addition, the official representative of ABILUX and ABILUMI introduced their organizations and the current situation in the Brazilian lighting market.

INMETRO is the government agency responsible for standardization in Brazil, and its regulation ranges from food packaging to oil and gas, covering all aspects of the Brazilian market. According to the government requirements, products must have a mandatory INMETRO logo and an approved third-party certification body (OCP) logo to obtain market access. Therefore, INMETRO certification is a veritable threshold for the Brazilian market and a crucial, but challenging initial step for companies expanding to Brazil.

As a leading global safety science organization in product safety testing and certification, UL is committed to working with our customers to help their products and services be globally recognized and create a safer world. With our professional experiences and a long history of more than 120 years, we use our integrity, professional technology and global resources to bring one-stop solutions to our customers.