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India BIS update – Registration validity changes


February 10, 2015

There is a change in regards to the validity of the current and future BIS registrations. Key points of changes: - Effective Jan 28, 2015, all new registrations granted will have a validity of two years - Existing registrations that manufacturers have received that note 1 year will now automatically be valid for 2 years.  The new expiration date noted in the registration letter will be the same date + 1 year - Any renewals will now be deferred by 1 year - BIS will not issue any further letters or revise the current registration letters that note 1 year validity Below is the official notification document from BIS. Starting from November, 2014, the BIS compulsory registration scheme has been expanded to cover 30 products.  UL’s laboratory in India has been accredited to test 27 product categories which include most consumer technology and lighting products. If you have any questions regarding this change or BIS Registration in general, please contact us at [email protected]