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Important Notice for UL 588, Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products

October 8, 2018

In 2013, we launched the enhanced UL Mark and promotional badge system to make it easier for the market to understand the scope of our certification, to deliver more transparency to product users and to offer you new tools to promote your UL certifications. When we introduced the enhanced UL Mark system, we also announced that our standard labels would adopt the enhanced Mark format.

As the UL Mark used on product packaging and promotion must be consistent with the UL Mark used on the product, we are now taking the next step to require that all seasonal products carrying the Enhanced UL Mark standard label use only the UL badge on packaging and in promotions. Your local UL label center can assist you in using standard and combination UL labels featuring the enhanced UL Mark. Please visit for label center contact information.

Transition Period for Packaging and Promotions
We recognize the challenge in timing the transition of markings on packaging. UL will allow use of packaging with the legacy UL Mark for seasonal products using enhanced UL Mark standard labels so all current inventory of packaging can be exhausted. After December 31, 2019, all packaging for products using the enhanced Mark version of standard labels must also use the promotional badge on packaging. Further use of the legacy UL Mark on packaging for products carrying an enhanced UL Mark will result in a Variation Notice.

You can learn more about the enhanced UL Mark and promotional badge system at