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IEC / UL 61730 –New Harmonized Safety Standard for PV Modules


January 19, 2018

Harmonized standards enable access to global markets.  The UL 61730 harmonized PV module safety standard enables cost savings for manufacturers by testing once and leveraging the UL “record of test” for access to other markets. Since regional regulations for installation of electrical products must be considered, additional requirements called national differences or deviations also apply and incremental testing may be necessary depending where the product is installed.

Testing requirements in UL 61730-2 reflect lessons learned from the field across a variety of technologies, materials, installation types and climates. Most notable is the B Sequence which does a more thorough job of weather testing of the module construction and is intended to simulate a stressor scenario for adhesion at multiple material interfaces.  Advances in materials, increasing system voltages and innovative designs are addressed with new and updated construction and testing requirements. ULs Continuing Certification program supports coexisting safety standards. Safety certification to UL 1703 for existing products and the use of UL 61730 for certification of new products provides the least disruptive path for the PV industry and recognized by regulators as effectively equivalent. For more information click here.