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Helping Southern European Manufacturers Go to Market

UL testing capabilities and facilities in Italy will support the southern European region with seamless end-to-end solutions.

UL EMC Laboratory and testing facility

July 12, 2021

Getting products to their target markets faster is a high priority for manufacturers, especially during uncertain economic times. Driven by growing customer expectations and UL’s deep understanding of industry needs and requirements, UL’s location in Carugate, Italy, will expand to further support to manufacturers in the southern European region. This will provide convenience and capability throughout every step of the go-to-market process, from sending prototypes to addressing compliance issues before production. The current laboratory is being upgraded to offer manufacturers a set of enhancements, including:

  1. A new European Union (EU) NB electromagnetic capability and the radio equipment directive (EMC/RED), closely supporting customers through technical conformity assessments.
  2. An expanded EMC-Wireless laboratory with state-of-the art equipment and a growing team of experts.
  3. Expanding the scope of International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) CB Scheme of our CB testing laboratory to include capabilities for measurements services (MEAS to cover medical, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and laboratory equipment but also electrical safety testing according to IEC 62368

CE compliance support through a NB

By establishing the European Union (EU) Notified Body Center in Carugate, Italy, UL in Italy will be able to complement existing services for the U.K. market by working with our U.K. Approved Body team, available via our certification center in Basingstoke, England. Through technical documentation reviews by expert teams, the notified body in Italy and approved body in the U.K. are able to provide an extra level of confidence through a technical documentation conformity assessment performed by an independent evaluation body. This will help European and U.K. surveillance authorities avoid imposing product withdrawal instructions in the event of a product found to be noncompliant with European Norm (EN) harmonized standards. In such a scenario, a manufacturer would be asked to remove the product from market circulation until the nonconformity is rectified. In the worst case scenario, the manufacturer would be asked to remove and destroy the product from the market altogether.

Localized CBTL scope expansion

Medical, IVDs, laboratory, testing equipment and multimedia equipment manufacturers in Southern European will now be able to have their products tested locally at UL’s Carugate (Milan) laboratory for global regulatory approvals for both safety and EMC-Wireless requirements. These services provide a high-quality, recognized pathway toward international compliance and deliver comprehensive solutions to medical equipment manufacturers.

Expanding the EMC-Wireless testing facility

UL’s current EMC-Wireless laboratory expansion will allow for an increase in testing capabilities for wireless professional appliances, connected industrial devices as well as connected consumer medical and IVD devices. It will also increase testing capacity and speed, thanks to multiple equipment and facility upgrades. UL’s Carugate facility aims to provide closer, faster and more effective support for manufacturers in Southern Europe with connected-product challenges serving a broad spectrum of industries, including household and professional appliances, lighting, information technology and multimedia equipment as well as medical devices and industrial products testing.

We will be providing updates as the expansions occur. For more insights, please contact us and one of our EMC experts will assist you.


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