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Heat Pump Performance Claims now Independently Corroborated

October 13, 2017

UL has issued first marketing claim verification for heat pump performance to Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

NORTHBROOK, Ill., October 10, 2017 — When making product purchasing decisions, it’s important to have confidence that a product will perform as claimed. For specifiers and purchasers of heat pumps – devices that are capable of using a refrigerant to collect low-grade heat energy from outside sources such as air, terrestrial heat or water, and converting it to high-grade heat -- this is particularly relevant in regions with challenging temperature ranges such as the Arctic, where degradation or failure of heat pump performance can have serious consequences.

With that in mind, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co. came to UL to have the performance of its ultra-low temperature heat pump air-conditioning models GMV-36WL/B-T(U) and GMV-48WL/B-T(U) independently verified by UL.

UL has Verified the following claims for these two Gree products:

  • The pump demonstrates 100% heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -20 ⁰C (-4 ⁰F)
  • The pump demonstrates 80% heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -30 ⁰C (-22 ⁰F)
  • The pump demonstrates stable operation at an outdoor temperature of -35 ⁰C (-31 ⁰F)

UL’s Verified Mark demonstrates that UL has Verified a specific marketing claim of these products through independent, repeatable, science-based assessments.  UL’s Verification provides objective credibility to the accuracy of the marketing claims that manufacturers use to differentiate their products from the competition, and enables easier purchasing decision making.  For Gree’s projects, UL performed a total of four sets of sample comparison tests: heating under the standard conditions, heating under outdoor conditions of -20 ⁰C, heating under outdoor conditions of -30 ⁰C, and heating under outdoor conditions of heating -35 ⁰C respectively. The test results showed that the heating capacity of Gree's two heat pumps performed as claimed under the different temperature conditions.

As a leading enterprise in China’s air-conditioning industry, Gree has been focused on the development of low temperature heating technology in the HVAC industry. “Through the UL verification, we and our customers can have full confidence in our product’s performance in the most challenging of heating environments,” said Mr. Ouyang Jun, the Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company.

Product Overview

  • Heat Pump
  • Verified ID: A666682
  • Brand: Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai
  • Model: GMV-48WL/B-T(U), GMV-36WL/B-T(U)

Verification Process

Test methods are described in ANSI/AHRI STANDARD 1230-2010. Compare heating capacity by testing the same sample under the same indoor conditions and different outdoor conditions (47⁰F, -4⁰F, -22⁰F). Also, conduct the Maximum Operating Conditions Test at outdoor condition -31⁰F.

About the UL Verified Mark
The UL Verified Mark is issued once a marketing claim is Verified by UL in an objective and science-based manner.  The Verified Mark can be used on product, packaging and promotion and is available for products, systems processes, facilities and more with Verified marketing claims.  Specific information about each Verified marketing claim is publicly available at UL’s online database UL Verify at as well as via an iOS application.  The Verified Mark has been issued to products such as TVs, monitors, notebook computers, LED lighting equipment and many others.

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This article was originally published by UL Newsroom