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The Health Sciences Wire - Issue 06

We are here again with our June, 2020 edition. This month’s issue will look at:
• The road to recovery and re-opening through post-EUA manufacturing
• Business revitalization
• Remote INMETRO testing and certifications
• Critical agility and innovation for organizations
• What safety looks like in 2020
• A reopening town hall

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June 10, 2020

Manufacturing after COVID-19: Prepare Your Medical Devices for Post-EUA World

Regulatory agencies from around the world are fast-tracking regulatory approvals for medical devices, but what happens when emergency use authorizations (EUAs) end?

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Business Revitalization Efforts for Long-term Success

UL has developed a visual guide that explores some bold steps companies are taking in the midst of a pandemic to revitalize their businesses and ensure long-term sustainability in an uncertain world.

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Why Developing an Innovation Mindset Is More Critical Than Ever for Organizations

In a world where disruptive events are happening more and more, how prepared is your business?

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Agility and an Innovation Mindset

A unique look at how companies are leveraging innovation to survive in unexpected conditions brought on by COVID-19.

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Innovation and Safety in a New Decade: 2020

Discover how UL continues to track trends in innovation safety, examining new trends, challenges and directions as we enter a new decade.

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Webinar - COVID-19 Series: Reopening and Recover Depends on Safe Medical Devices

UL's VP & General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Upayan SenGupta and the founder of Plug and Play, Saeed Amindin on the importance of medical and diagnostic device safety for re-opening and recovery during a pandemic.

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White Paper: ISO 10993-1 and Biocompatibility Requirements for Medical Devices

This UL white paper will provide an overview of the structure and requirements presented in the latest version of ISO 10993-1 and provide details on the biological safety evaluation process set forth in Annex B of the standard.

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