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GP Batteries Vietnam receives UL’s ZWTL Validation

Designed to measure and validate companies’ commitment to reduce and divert waste, UL’s Zero Waste to Landfill and Landfill Diversion Validations offer third-party validation of reduced waste.

A large landfill heaped with trash.

November 2, 2021

GP Batteries, a provider of portable power solutions, produces more than five billion batteries annually in facilities worldwide. In pursuit of greater sustainability, the company strived to better manage and reduce waste and has chosen to earn validation to UL’s Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) 2799. In April 2021, GP Batteries Vietnam (GPVN) became the first battery manufacturing facility in Vietnam to earn ZWTL validation. Validation of their Vietnam facility marks GP Batteries’ fifth plant to earn ZWTL validation, preceded by the company’s manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China.

“GP Batteries is committed to developing more sustainable sources of power for a greener tomorrow. By earning Zero Waste to Landfill, we demonstrate our intent to reduce waste sent to the landfill and to preserve precious natural resources. We are proud that the Vietnam plant has met the criteria of this stringent standard,” said Prasad Tantry, general manager, GPVN.

Designed to effectively measure and validate companies’ commitment to reduce and divert waste, UL’s Zero Waste to Landfill and Landfill Diversion Validations offer a credible third-party validation of reduced waste. The validation process requires precision waste tracking and management. GPVN faced some critical challenges during the audit process in identifying and handling different types of waste. Our experts traced their vendor materials and understood the hazardous waste in the supply chain, leading to the project’s success. By identifying both regular and bio-based waste in the supply chain, GPVN could help ensure that waste generated in the supply chain could be properly treated and comply with UL ECVP 2799. With increased supply chain transparency and creative waste management efforts to properly process organic waste and/or recycle food waste as fertilizer or animal feed, GPVN was able to earn gold level Zero Waste to Landfill validation.

“We are proud to work with GP Batteries to help them continually advance their ZWTL efforts. Their commitment to continuous improvement positions them to make important sustainability strides across the entire organization and supply chain,” said Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager, Retail and Consumer Products, UL.

According to the 2021 Business of Sustainability Index from GreenPrint, 78% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labelled as environmentally friendly. By earning ZWTL validation, manufacturers communicate to their partners and the marketplace their achievements in waste reduction. UL offers solutions to help manufacturers track waste, map the path to waste reduction and conduct testing and certification to provide trusted third-party validation of their environmental accomplishments. Explore more information on UL ZWTL validation.