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Going big away from home

Goldwind, a global wind turbine manufacturer, had big plans for the United States, and UL was there to help.

Drone footage of Goldwind turbine and the west Texas prairie

February 21, 2019

Wind turbines are a pretty common sight in Texas, but the newest installation from Goldwind is anything but common. In fact, standing at 653.5 feet, it stands out by standing tall. Of course, accomplishing such a feat came with its share of challenges.

The idea for Goldwind’s towering West Texas turbine started in China and, like most global projects, there was a lot to consider. The company was bringing newer technology and a new name to the U.S. market and, as they worked to overcome those challenges, UL provided guidance and a site for the turbine at UL’s wind turbine test facility just south of Amarillo, Texas at West Texas A&M University.

“The profile of the facility is perfectly suited with its strong wind, flat land, and no immediate neighbors,” said Jason Hopkins, business development manager, UL's Energy and Power Technologies division. “We have a building and a technical staff member always on site, so we essentially have eyes on the turbine 24/7, which is very unique.”

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