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GiA Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensing Controller Is First IAQ Sensor to Achieve Environmental Claim Validation to UL 2905

Sensor achieves A rating for temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter (PM2.5) monitoring and additionally evaluated to PM10, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and TVOC

GIA sensor with UL validation

April 30, 2021

NORTHBROOK, Ill. – April 30, 2021 – UL, the global safety science leader, announced today that NewGreen Tech, a Taiwanese biotech company that provides new technologies and applications to support healthy indoor spaces by monitoring indoor air pollution, has become the first to earn Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) to UL 2905 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor Performance for its GiA Smart IAQ Sensing Controller. Using advanced technologies including IoT and big data, the GiA Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensing Controller is designed to monitor and proactively detect elements such as total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), mold, ozone and other pollutants or conditions that can compromise indoor air quality. The system generates automated notifications alongside data and analysis to empower users to address IAQ problems quickly and effectively.

The UL 2905 Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) evaluates sensors for accuracy in measurement of multiple IAQ parameters, including the concentration level of pollutants in applications in non-industrial buildings. These include common pollutants such as total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and particulate matter. The UL 2905 ECV provides third-party confirmation of sensors’ performance for use in measuring IAQ parameters. GiA Controller is the first IAQ sensor to achieve UL 2905 ECV with an A rating for four of the eight claimed parameters, verifying accurate readings for temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter (PM2.5) detection.

“We strive to offer products that support a healthy, ecologically responsible and sustainable future. By earning ECV to UL 2905 for our GiA Smart IAQ Sensing Controller, we are able to demonstrate through third-party certification that our sensors deliver accuracy and effectiveness in their measurement of indoor air pollutants and conditions, ultimately helping users provide healthier indoor environments for all,” said Ting-Ting Tseng, Founder and CEO of NewGreenTech.

UL’s experience in IAQ testing and certifications provides customers an abundance of services and resources to help improve and monitor IAQ in buildings including GREENGUARD Certification for low-emitting products, verification to UL Verified Healthy Building criteria and IAQ testing and monitoring.

“We congratulate NewGreen Tech on being the first provider to receive UL 2905 Environmental Claim Validation for their GiA Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensing Controllers. This accomplishment will help customers support their efforts to use data to pursue better IAQ,” said Doug Lockard, vice present and general manager, Retail and Consumer Products, UL.

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