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Get the Most From Your UL General Coverage

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March 8, 2021

The presence of a UL Mark remains the primary proof of your products’ certification. New general coverage projects are now eligible to have model numbers added to our database for free. UL Product iQ®  provides access to information for thousands of UL certified products, components and materials.

Use it to promote your products to potential buyers, including thousands of regulatory authorities, building owners and insurance companies. Manufacturer model numbers will be published for new Listings (up to 50 models) at no additional charge – all you need to do is provide the information to UL.

Benefits of adding model numbers to UL Product iQ:

  • Certification traceability and visibility in the public domain
  • Provisions to include a direct link to company site to marketing or specifications page
  • Retailer qualification
  • Get easily printed certificates of compliance

For models included in your UL report not currently displayed in Product iQ, you may be eligible to have them added at an upcharge or for no charge. Contact us today to learn more.