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Germany Publishes Textile Standards

July 19, 2016

The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) has issued the following standards:
DIN EN ISO 9092 rev: Textiles - Nonwovens - Definition (ISO/NP 9092:2016); German version prEN ISO 9092:2016.

DIN EN 16806-1: Textiles and Textile Products - Textiles Containing Phase Change Materials (PCM) - Part 1: Determination of the Heat Storage and Release Capacity; German version EN 16806-1: 2016.

This standard, due to be published in July 2016, specifies a test method for determining the thermal storage and heat release capacity and the phase change temperatures of textile fibers, yarns and fabrics (woven and knitted fabrics, nonwovens).  The test method can also be applied to pure or microencapsulated PCM.

Both standards are available in German only.