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Gain a Competitive Advantage with the UL Verification Mark

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with confirmation of your product’s key features through UL’s Marketing Claim Verification service. Learn why one company, ABB, went through rigorous third-party testing to receive a UL Verification Mark and how they are promoting it today.

ABB dry-type medium voltage distribution transformers that received the UL Verification Mark

April 18, 2019

In today’s cluttered market, claims of superiority and performance are often indistinguishable. UL’s Marketing Claim Verification service offers independent third-party proof of product performance.  It helps you stand out in the crowded marketplace with confirmation of your product’s key features or benefits. You can differentiate your product in the marketplace and make the most of your UL Verification Mark by leveraging multiple marketing channels at one time.

One company doing just that is ABB – a pioneer technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation products and systems and infrastructure customers. They wanted to verify that the sound pressure of their dry-type medium voltage distribution transformers were 3dB lower than the IEEE standard. This claim is important to ABB’s customers as the industry trend is moving toward placing power distribution equipment closer to the point of use, so reduced sound level is a key differentiator. 

Through rigorous third-party testing, ABB has received their UL Verification Mark for this product. ABB is well positioned as a market innovator and is showing it by being the first company to verify this specific claim and promote it. They are promoting their Verification Mark through multiple marketing channels including tradeshows, product literature, website content and links to their UL verification webpage on quotations. “Verifying the ‘sound’ claim provides a great competitive edge in the marketplace and promoting the UL Verification Mark is key in differentiating ourselves,” said Paul Weyandt, commercial operations manager, ABB.  “In addition, UL has expertise in the industry and their Marketing Claim Verification program can further assist in showcasing key features of our transformers within the marketplace.”

Any company that receives a UL Verification Mark has four main ways to promote it:

  1. Products and packaging. Adding the Verification Mark either on the product or its packaging adds immediate proof that your product performs as advertised.
  2. Marketing:
    • Digital exposure such as website, video, and online banner ads. Use your Verification Mark in any interactive digital asset where you are promoting the product to visually call attention to it.
    • Media such as social media, magazines, press releases, articles and ads.  Use it to build buzz with current and prospective customers to differentiate yourself from those with self-declared claims.
    • Specification/data sheets, newsletters, brochures, presentations, posters. Your Verification Mark doesn’t have to be placed directly on a product. Expand the use of your Verification Mark into your other marketing channels to increase exposure.
    • Tradeshow booth. What better way to get foot traffic to stop by your booth and start asking questions than to display the Verification Mark on large tradeshow material such as booth graphics, banners, posters and tablecloths.
  3. Quotations and bid proposals. Leverage the Verification Mark on every quote you send out and on every bid proposal you submit to further draw attention and increase awareness.
  4. Customized. Tailored for unique communication channels.

Any company can take the steps to receive and promote their UL Verification Mark. Through an integrated marketing plan, spread the word and let customers know about the confirmed accuracy of your marketing claim to help earn their trust in your products.

About UL Verification Mark

All verified marketing claims are included in the publicly available UL Verify Database, a tool searchable by buyers using manufacturer’s name, product name and unique identifier. With 91 percent of consumers personally verifying brand packaging claims by checking labels and searching for information on third-party sites, having UL verify a marketing claim is a good business decision.

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