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Furniture Test Equipment Upgrade Option Provides Path to Greater ROI

Discover how UL helps manufacturers make the most of their investments in furniture testing equipment with an upgrade option that extends the life and usefulness of equipment.

Seating Durability testing machine

September 14, 2020

For furniture manufacturers that have invested significant capital in equipment to test their products’ quality, safety and performance, it’s important to make the most of their investment. While many of these devices continue to adequately evaluate new furnishings through the simulated application of force, pressure and other real-world use conditions, the newest versions of furniture testing devices offer intuitive user interfaces and streamlined connectivity that legacy versions lack. 

Always at the forefront of the latest and greatest science and technology advancements in the pursuit of testing, inspection and certification, UL understands that companies need to leverage the latest technology to ensure effective testing while simultaneously maximizing return on their investments in testing equipment. To effectively accomplish both, UL has developed a simple, cost-effective solution for customers that have invested in furniture test equipment from UL. 

While furniture testing equipment from UL is designed for long-term performance and durability, older versions have legacy software for user interfaces which are no longer supported. UL has developed a new user interface built on an advanced touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI). This upgrade gives existing legacy equipment new life by providing features such as remote data access, increased security and industrial rated components. It also avoids challenges with changing versions of Windows on a computer or repairing computer components when they fail, both of which can lead to significant downtime.  

The benefits to manufacturers are clear. For as little as a tenth of the price of the initial equipment, manufacturers can extend the life of their investment and maximize the ROI. In many cases, a technician can perform upgrades on-site in just four hours, minimizing the amount of downtime required.

As companies strive to design products that meet a dizzying array of criteria, it’s important that they maximize their investments in resources to achieve safety, quality and performance. UL understands that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical to companies’ ability to accomplish multiple objectives, and we support our customers with solutions and strategies to maximize dollars invested in achieving safety, performance and sustainability.