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Furnishings Focus Newsletter 2020 Issue 3

Welcome to Furnishings Focus! This last issue for 2020 includes a selection of useful resources and insightful content. Thank you for your ongoing interest in our newsletter. See you with more and exciting insights in 2021.

Workplace as home office, smart working

December 29, 2020

Catch-up with 2020 Furniture Industry Summit

UL 2020 Furniture Industry Summit resulted in such a rich source of information and insights that we thought you may appreciate find it all gathered in one site to access at your convenience. The site consists of a full content repository where you can find and download the presentations of each session as well as additional useful resources.

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Brief reference guide to help transition to UL 2999 standard

We have developed a brief standard reference document that provides guidance on how to manage the transition to UL 2999 in as a seamless as possible mode.

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Value Engineering Processes

Value engineering focuses on evaluating products to verify acceptable performance at the minimum possible cost. Optimize value engineering processes through UL’s testing.

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Furniture Test Equipment Upgrade Option Provides Path to Greater ROI

Discover how UL helps manufacturers make the most of their investments in furniture testing equipment with an upgrade option that extends the life and usefulness of equipment.

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Simplifying SCIP Compliance

This webinar will simplify ECHA’s latest guidance updates while discussing practical solutions to help ensure your products can remain unimpeded in the EU market in 2021.

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Sustainable Packaging is Critical to Companies Pursuing UN SDGs

In a world threatened by climate change and limited natural resources, packaging is gaining increased attention among stakeholders including manufacturers, retailers, supply chain partners and consumers.

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