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First UL 3992 Performance Verification Helps Address Industry Concerns About Degrading Performance Issues Associated With Patch Cords


April 18, 2018


Patch cords are considered by the industry as the weakest element in a communications cabling system due to the variance in patch cord performance, resulting from inferior or sub-standard connectors, materials, cable assembly or manufacturing process. Yet, the performance of a patch cord is crucial to a computer network’s speed and performance. An empirical study conducted by Communications Cable & Connectivity Association (CCCA) found a high failure rate in electrical performance of patch cords*.

Understanding the challenges associated with manufacturing high quality patch cords and the risks associated with using inferior patch cords, UL developed UL 3992, “Outline of Investigation for Patch Cords Terminating in Eight-Position Modular Plug Connectors – Performance”, and launched a performance verification program to support the industry. The company just announced that it has issued the first UL 3992 certification to Sentinel Connectors System Inc, verifying the performance for its patch cords. The cable assemblies were evaluated in accordance with UL 3992 to meet the industrial standard for physical, electrical and transmission performance of data communication cables.

The UL 3992 program is composed of a comprehensive test and evaluation of electrical, mechanical, materials and cable assembly aspects of patch cord, together with continued follow-up and market surveillance globally. Patch cords under this program are verified by UL to meet the requirements for reliable patch cord performance for connectivity. Choosing patch cords certified to UL 3992 will help installers and designers source the proper patch cord for their network’s needs.

Please contact Randy Ivans at [email protected] for further information.

* Please refer to the press release of CCCA to learn more: