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Firestop Inspection Service

March 30, 2018

Increased Confidence in Every Firestop Installation

Rather than wondering if your contractor used the correct system and completed the installation properly, turn to a trusted source to receive the confirmation you need.

Firestop systems, fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire containment systems are critical to building occupant safety in the event of a fire. To ensure a given system performs as planned in an emergency, proper installation is also crucial and UL’s Firestop Inspection Service can help ensure that everything is done correctly.

Section 1705 of the 2012 and later editions of the International Building Code requires special inspections of these systems when installed in high-rise buildings and buildings defined as Risk Category III or IV. However, whether required by code or done at the discretion of the design team, UL can help ensure every system is suited for the job and properly installed. Engaging UL to complete the inspection offers you peace of mind while allowing us to apply our extensive understanding of these life-safety systems – including a thorough understanding of individual components – throughout the entire construction process. Selecting a contractor who has voluntarily entered UL’s Qualified Firestop Contractor Program can also put you at ease before the project even begins.

In addition to offering confidence through certification, UL can help ease the entire building process. UL is widely recognized with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), has extensive experience testing and listing firestop systems, and can help you understand the broader regulatory landscape for the building industry.

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