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FDA Releases Guidance on Fortification of Foods

December 17, 2015

UNITED STATES - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a guidance document in response to questions and comments from the food industry, federal agencies and academia regarding the fortification of foods with essential nutrients.

The guidance document, “Questions and Answers on FDA’s Fortification Policy,” serves as the FDA’s answers to these questions. The policy on the fortification of food by FDA was originally issued in 1980.

The Fortification Policy guidance document outlines the following:

  1. Overarching principles and applicability
  2. Foods covered by the policy
  3. Foods with standards of identity used as vehicles of fortification
  4. Nutrients covered by the policy
  5. Principles of the Fortification Policy for specific purposes
  6. Claims and other statements on food labeling
  7. Enforcement of the Fortification Policy incorporated into regulations

The FDA’s policy on the fortification of food establishes a uniform set of principles to serve as a model for the rational addition of essential nutrients to foods.