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EVS Releases Standards on Luminaires

December 14, 2016

The Estonian Centre for Standardization (EVS) has released the standard ‘EVS-EN 60598-2-13: 2006 / A2: 2016 Lights. Part 2-13: Particular Requirements. Floor Recessed Luminaires.’

The standard establishes requirements for ground recessed luminaires with voltages up to 1000 V and used for indoor or outdoor purposes.

EVS has also released ‘EVS-EN 60598-2-22: 2014 / AC2: 2016 Lights. Part 2-22: Particular Requirements. Luminaires for Emergency Lighting LUMINAIRES - Part 2-22: Particular Requirements - Luminaires for Emergency Lighting’, an update for the 2014 version.

The standards were included in the latest EVS Journal’s List of ‘New Standards and Documentation Standardized’, published on November 1, 2016.

Source URL: EVS Journal 11/2016