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European Union Amends Cosmetics Legislation; Approves Use of Potassium Hydroxide and Zinc Oxide

June 17, 2016

The European Commission (EC) has published in the Official Journal two regulations amending the European cosmetics legislation to approve the use of potassium hydroxide and zinc oxide.

Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/622 - Potassium hydroxide will be allowed for use in cosmetic products that remove or soften callouses, up to a maximum concentration of 1.5% weight by weight (w/w). Product labels must include a warning to avoid contact with the eyes.

Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/621 - Zinc oxide is to be approved as a UV filter, both in its nano- and non-nano form, at a maximum concentration of 25 %. This excludes applications that may lead to exposure of the end user's lungs by inhalation.

These regulations were published in the Official Journal on April 22, 2016, and entered into force on May 12, 2016.