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European Commission Opens Public Consultations on Restricting 291 Substances

November 2, 2015


The European Commission (EC) has launched a public consultation on its proposal to restrict 291 substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR). The aim is to target hazardous substances in textile articles and clothing for consumers.

Consultation on a possible restriction of hazardous substances (CMR 1A and 1B) in textile articles and clothing for consumer use:

Background to List of CMR substances that could potentially be present in textile and clothing articles:

List of CMR Substances - Classified dyes and carcinogenic amines:

List of CMR Substances - Petroleum and coal stream substances:

List of CMR Substances - Other substances:

Why It Matters

The Commission is seeking views on whether its plan is proportional and enforceable, on potential socio-economic impacts and on the likelihood of the identified CMR substances being present in consumer textile articles.

The list of CMR substances, either individual substances or groups, covered by this possible restriction would be added as a specific appendix to Annex XVII to REACH and could be regularly updated.

Comments may be submitted up to January 22, 2016.

How UL Can Help

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