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EU Member Countries Agrees on Limits for BPA and Phenol in Toys

December 8, 2016

European Union (EU) member countries voted for the migration limits of bisphenol A (BPA) and phenol in toys for children under three. These limits are covered by a proposed Commission Directive, amending appendix C of Annex II of the Toy Safety Directive.

EU state officials have approved lowering the migration limit of bisphenol A (BPA) from 0.1mg/l to 0.04mg/l. They have also introduced a migration limit of 5mg/l and a content limit for its use as a preservative of 10mg/kg.

The Directives will take effect 18 months after their publication in the EU Official Journal.

Source URL 1: D047976/01 (Draft implementing measure/act) in dossier CMTD(2016)1348

Source URL 2: D039805/02 (Draft implementing measure/act) in dossier CMTD(2016)1348