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EPA Withdrawal of Direct Final Rule Regarding Flammable Refrigerant Charge Limit in Household Refrigerators

March 27, 2018

News provided by UL's Randy Haseman, Principal Engineer - Refrigeration and Room Air Conditioning

In December 2017 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a Direct Final Rule that modified the use conditions required for the use of flammable refrigerants in household refrigerators. This rule referenced the 2nd edition of UL 60335-2-24, which allows up to 150 g of an A3 refrigerant.

More recently, on February 28, 2018, the EPA withdrew this direct final rule because they received adverse comments. They will address these comments in the coming months with the goal of publishing a new final rule. There will not be a second comment period on this subject. It is noted that UL will continue to evaluate and Certify household refrigerators employing a flammable refrigerant in the interim period.

For an advance copy of the withdrawal notice see under Rule 22. For more information on this topic please contact [email protected].