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Energy for our changing world

As the world is evolving, our energy infrastructure is following suit

Cityscape at night with cyber web interconnecting building

February 21, 2019

Time and again, change really does seem to be the only constant. Global population is growing, technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and mobile and advanced technologies are being deployed to help the world’s infrastructure keep pace.

The world’s energy domain is rapidly digitizing as smart grids and cities help offer better energy usage and management. However, that is only one piece of the change. The push toward e-mobility – from vehicles to air transport – is also contributing and convergence is influencing the structure of our world. When paired with the notion that connected devices now outnumber people and we are producing record amounts of data, continued change is both inevitable and necessary.

Ken Boyce, Principal Engineer Director of UL’s Energy and Power Technology division, offers a more detailed look at these changes in his article, “Energy: Trends, Challenges and Solutions for a Changing World,” on Energy CIO Insights. Read more today.

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