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August 14, 2017

Solar & Wind Solutions, Battery & Energy Storage

UL delivers an extensive portfolio of renewable energy services. Our goal is to empower trust throughout the project lifecycle and across the supply chain. Our services support projects for battery, energy storage, inverter, solar and wind. UL works to help the energy industry mitigate risk and navigate complexity associated with renewable resources. We have become a trusted advisor by providing access to proven science and expert engineering, and by offering innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges of the renewable energy industry. We pride ourselves on being accessible, flexible, and keenly responsive to the needs of our clients, and helping them to reduce humanity’s global carbon footprint and generate healthy financial returns.

PROJECT  DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT Navigate project complexities in the earliest stages of development:

  • Site Screening & Feasibility
  • Resource Assessment & Measurement
  • Plant Design & Energy Assessment
  • Technology Selection & Suitability
  • Infrastructure & Balance of Plant
  • Permitting Support & Environmental Assessment

DUE DILIGENCE Mitigate the risks associated with renewable energy project investment:

  • Independent Engineering & Technical Advisory
  • Pre-Construction, Operational & Repowering Projects
  • Custom Support for Investors, M&A, Tax Equity
  • Turbine Technology, Civil & Electrical Design Review
  • Contracts Review
  • Environmental Permitting Review Financial Model Review

TESTING & CERTIFICATION Verify the safety, reliability and performance and help provide assurance and confidence with compliance of systems and components:

ASSET MANAGEMENT Manage expectations of operational plants and improve performance, including safe and reliable operations of wind projects beyond the original design life:

  • Plant Performance Optimization
  • Performance Analysis
  • Operational Energy Assessments
  • Remote Sensing / Lidar
  • Turbine Inspections
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Lifetime Extension
  • Loads Simulations
  • Components Evaluation

SOFTWARE & DATA/ANALYTICS Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our experts and enable your team to work independently:

  • Wind Developer Suite
  • Windographer
  • Openwind
  • Windnavigator
  • Wind Data Management
  • Resource Maps
  • Time Series Datasets
  • Site Specific Reports

GRID SOLUTIONS Understand renewable energy variability and the impact of weather-driven events:

  • Real-Time Renewable Forecasting
  • Grid Management & Planning Services
  • Atmospheric Modeling & Applied Research

POLICY & PLANNING Understand the future of renewable energy.

  • Market & Resource Potential
  • Build-out Scenarios & Data
  • Economic Impact & Development Studies

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