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ECHA Announces Updates on Submitted Testing Proposals and CLP Intentions

October 16, 2015

EUROPEAN UNION - The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has announced its updates on harmonised classification and labeling (CLH) intentions and submitted testing proposals:

Substance CAS No. EC No. Proposed By Hazard Endpoint for which Testing was Proposed
2-methyl-1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one 2527-66-4 Poland Acute Tox. 3, H301 and H311 Skin Corr. 1B, H314 Eye Dam. 1, H318 Skin Sens. 1, H317 Aquatic Acute 1, H400Aquatic Acute 1, M-factor=100 Aquatic Chronic 1, H410Aquatic Chronic 1, M-factor=100
L-(+)-lactic acid; (2S)-2-hydroxypropa-noic acid 79-33-4 201-196-2 Germany Met. Corr. 1, H290 Skin Irrit. 2, H315 Eye Dam. 1, H318
diisohexyl phthalate 71850-09-4 276-090-2 Sweden Repr. 1B, H360FD


Current testing proposals include:

Substance CAS No. EC No.
2,2'-[oxybis(methylene)]-bis[2-ethylpropane-1,3-diol] 23235-61-2 245-509-0
dihydro-3-(tripropenyl)furan-2,5-dione 92077-08-2 295-556-6
N,N'-ethane-1,2-diylbis(12-hydroxyoctadecan-1-amide) 123-26-2 204-613-6
pentaerythritol 115-77-5 204-104-9
Poly[oxy(methyl-1,2-ethanediyl)], a-hydro-omega-hydroxy-, ether with 2,6 68610-97-9 614-668-1
tetraethylammonium hydroxide 77-98-5 201-073-3
sodium toluene-4-sulphonate 657-84-1 211-522-5


Deadline for submission of comments is November 16, 2015.

The agency will conduct a workshop on November 4, 2015 regarding the changes to the 2016 registration process addressing the following:

• An updated completeness check process
• Changes to IT tools
• The one substance, one registration principle