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An Easy Path for United Arab Emirates Market Access

Equipment for use for hazardous locations

UAE flag

August 17, 2020

Business is global, now more than ever before. To better assist our customers in accessing markets around the world, we have expanded our hazardous locations partnership agreements and accreditations. As an ECASEx Notified Body, UL is one of the leading issuers of ECAS-Ex certificates that are necessary for hazardous locations equipment to be imported and installed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Do you already have an IECEx certificate? If so, then the process for obtaining ECAS-Ex through UL is extremely simple. We can issue ECAS-Ex certificates based on a current IECEx certificate in an expedited manner – without the need to repeat any testing or evaluation. We will guide you through the process from application to final issuance to help accelerate your market access. If you do not yet possess an IECEx certificate, we are also able to perform all testing and factory audits and deliver both IECEx and ECAS-Ex certificates within one project.


Interested in learning more? Register today for the webinar, UAE Market Access: HazLoc (ECAS-Ex), on August 26th.

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