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  • Feature Story

An Easier Path to the NOM Mark

October 10, 2018

The expertise of UL Mexico meets the flexibility of global testing

Historically, manufacturers wishing to sell products in Mexico could only obtain the NOM Mark by sending samples to an accredited lab in Mexico. UL Mexico has been accredited and approved by the Mexican Authorities to grant the use of this mark, but we understood that the process of obtaining the mark was often inconvenient for manufacturers outside of the country. However, UL recently became the first Certification Organization based in Mexico with a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) approved by Mexican Authorities, allowing the use of testing results completed by any UL lab or UL approved lab around the world to issue the NOM-003-SCFI-2014 certificate.

Under this MRA, testing to NOM-003-SCFI-2014 and the subsequent NOM/NMX standards can be performed in the country of manufacture by working with UL’s global network of laboratory facilities. Testing can now be completed at any UL Lab or UL approved Lab around the world and, when such testing and the Conformity Evaluation Process are completed and validated by UL de Mexico, the certification process can be performed in accordance with the Mexican legal framework in order to obtain the NOM-003-SCFI-2014 certificate. This new, flexible option for obtaining NOM certificates is a great alternative for global manufacturers and Mexican retailers to facilitate commerce by reducing costs and time to market.