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Drive Confidence in the Inspection of Installed Lightning Protection Systems

UL Achieves Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020 for Inspection Certification Bodies

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June 18, 2019

At UL, our experts work every day to deliver quality and help ensure compliance. We value our status as independent, third-party inspectors and are always looking for ways to increase our value to our clients. Previously, we have achieved accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020, Conformity Assessment, for inspection certification bodies. This year, we successfully expanded our scope of accreditation to include inspection of installed lightning protection systems (LPS). 

This accreditation brings real value to the LPS industry and its stakeholders. Building owners, architects, general contractors and the public can have confidence that inspections of installed lightning protection systems have been performed by highly skilled technical experts. Our evaluation process is independent and thorough.

Accreditation of our program acts as a robust independent verification by an independent third party to an established national or international standard. It provides an internationally recognized stamp of approval for both the industry and regulators. ISO/IEC 17020:2012 is the international standard for Conformity Assessment Requirements for Bodies Performing Inspection.

The ISO/IEC 17020 standard contains rigorous requirements for the following elements: 

  • Impartiality and independence
  • Confidentiality
  • Resource requirements for personnel and facilities
  • Process requirements for inspection methods, documentation and records
  • Management requirements

Organizations like UL that achieve accreditation to this standard must demonstrate rigorous process controls to assure consistency. 

Who is IAS?

International Accreditation Services (IAS) is an independent, third-party accreditation body.

Each country has one or more national or international accreditation bodies that can accredit organizations for compliance with a national or international standard.

Why UL?

UL is the only inspection service provider to achieve accreditation for inspection of installed LPS

Other similar service providers are not accredited for LPS inspection services. Trade associations and related entities have had no independent evaluations of their capabilities.

With UL, stakeholders, such as building owners, architects, general contractors, electrical contractors, LPS installers and building inspection code authorities, have added confidence in the professionals and processes that deliver the UL Master Label® Certificate.

UL’s technical experts evaluate lightning protection system (LPS) components on a hospital roof.
UL’s technical experts, Eric Boettcher and Steve Cochran, evaluate lightning protection system (LPS)  components on a hospital roof.