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DOE External Power Supply Requirements, Effective February 21, 2016

February 10, 2016

Effective February 21, 2016, external power supplies (EPS) used to convert household electric current into direct current or lower-voltage alternating current to operate consumer products, including lighting, will be required to comply with the Energy Conservation Standards for External Power Supplies; Final Rule.

These requirements are applicable to all Class A external power supplies. A Class A EPS is a device that:

  1. is designed to convert line voltage AC input into lower voltage AC or DC output;
  2. is able to convert to only 1 AC or DC output voltage at a time;
  3. is sold with, or intended to be used with, a separate end-use product that constitutes the primary load;
  4. is contained in a separate physical enclosure from the end-use product;
  5. is connected to the end-use product via a removable or hard-wired male/female electrical connection, cable, cord, or other wiring; and
  6. has nameplate output power that is less than or equal to 250 watts.

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