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Do More With Your UL Goniophotometer

July 16, 2018

By: James Walker / UL Global Sales Manager

UL is pleased to announce a new service option: Flicker Testing. UL High Speed Mirror Goniophotometers are now capable of conducting flicker testing of a luminaire or lamp.


  • Speed --> Time savings – The lamp or luminaire has been tested and without waiting for stabilization, flicker can be selected for the next test.
  • Performance --> Selectable routines identified by procedure – The operator only needs to know what procedure, for example California Energy Commission (CEC) or Energy Star®. Everything is timed and measured by the software.
  • Reliable --> Consistency – All calculations are done for you, preventing errors from human data mining and interpretation.
  • Integrity --> Equipment savings – Testing is performed on your existing equipment so there is no need to store and maintain calibrations on another piece of equipment.

Figure: Flicker Test

Currently, UL’s software is capable of meeting CEC Title 24, Energy Star Lamps 2.1, Energy Star Fixtures 2.1 and NEMA 77.

As an option, UL offers the Flicker Dimmer Control Panel (FDCP). With the FDCP, UL has made it easy to wire dimmers into the 9 compartments. One additional compartment is a dedicated pass through for no-dimmer testing.

Both Flicker Software and the FDCP work in-sync with UL’s control software LSIGoniophotometer™.

For more information, please contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone at +1.480.239.7485.