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Curious about the UL Blue Card for AM? Watch the video!

UL's Blue Card program certifies that a material is appropriate for a specific 3D printing technology.

July 26, 2017

Earlier this year, UL introduced the Blue Card for AM materials. Also known as the Blue Card Program, this industry-leading service enables customers to have published data that facilitates pre-selection of 3D printed materials and components for use in various end products. It defines the requirements necessary to recognize plastics intended for 3D printing, proving the safety, integrity and usefulness of materials.

The UL Blue Card helps ensure that the component or end-product manufacturer is using a tested and certified material, as well as being monitored at regular intervals by an independent test laboratory.

We received numerous inquiries and feedback since the launch of the program. To help address your initial questions specific to the Blue Card, we’ve produced this brief overview video covering the program description, applicable materials and card information.

Click here to download & watch the video.

Our team is available to discuss your AM material testing needs and the Blue Card Program. Simply contact us at [email protected].