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CPSC Seeks Comment for the Release of the Proposed Rule for Children's Toys and Child Care Articles Containing Specified Phthalates

February 17, 2015

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is seeking public comment on the release of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the prohibition of children’s toys and child care articles containing specified phthalates.

The proposed rule intends to organize a Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel (CHAP) to study the effects of all phthalates and phthalate alternatives on children's health as used in children's toys and child care articles.

The CHAP aims to provide recommendations to CPSC regarding any phthalates, or phthalate alternatives other than those already permanently prohibited, and is directed to:

  • Complete an examination of the full range of phthalates that are used in products for children
  • Consider the potential health effects of each of these phthalates both in isolation and in combination with other phthalates
  • Examine the likely levels of children's, pregnant women's, and others' exposure to phthalates, based on a reasonable estimation of normal and foreseeable use and abuse of such products
  • Review all relevant data, including the most recent, best-available, peer-reviewed, scientific studies of these phthalates and phthalate alternatives that employ objective data collection practices or employ other objective methods

Public consultation is open until March 16, 2015.

Comments, identified by Docket No. CPSC-2014-0033, may be submitted electronically to the Federal eRulemaking Portal at: or in writing via mail/and delivery/courier, preferably in five copies, to: Office of the Secretary, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Room 820, 4330 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814; telephone (301) 504-7923.

All submissions received must include the agency name and docket number for this proposed rulemaking.