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Consumer Technology and Wireless Product Outlook | Issue 5

Stay up-to-date with compliance and technology trends with UL. We aim to bring you updates, insights, exclusive content and webinar access on topics like consumer electronics, micromobility, connected devices and much more.

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December 17, 2020

Issue 5 | December 17, 2020


Welcome to the latest issue of the Consumer Technology and Wireless Products Outlook. This newsletter will provide updates on topics such as information technology, consumer electronics, micro-mobility, connected devices, batteries, sensors, printed circuits boards, and more.


This issue includes guides, FAQs and webinars that are available on-demand. While we continue to adapt to the new normal, UL is working towards bringing you relevant content and better services to help you and your business stay connected and informed. UL look forward to continuing our partnership with you to solve critical challenges, Empowering TrustTM to deliver safety, security, quality and sustainability with confidence. 


We wish you a safe, secure and healthy year ahead. 


Guide: The Most Common Bluetooth® Qualification Mistakes to Avoid

Download our guide to learn how to enhance your qualification process and avoid potential costly mistakes.


FAQ: Understanding 5G Testing and Compliance

Take a look at answers to common questions to help you understand 5G testing and compliance better and learn how UL can help our products meet testing requirements and regulatory compliance. 


FAQ: Photobiological Safety for Products that Emit UV Radiation

Take a look at how UL experts answer common questions they have received from customers about how to evaluate potential UV hazards and which safety standards can be used.


IoT Security Readiness Questionnaire

As IoT and cybersecurity for connected products are areas of product innovation that carry significant risk to an organization, there's a lot to understand and assess. To help understand your current IoT product security readiness, find out how your product security stacks up to industry best practices. 

Pre-assess your product's security

Machine Risk Assessment Tool

Operators are exposed to many hazards at work everyday and employers are also required to provide a safe workplace under the occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirement in the U.S. 

UL offers a free risk assessment tool to help safety managers evaluate their in-house machines and help review their risks. 


Chemical Insights COVID-19 Resources

Understand the potential impact of hazardous airborne aerosol particles, such as COVID-19 and disinfectant chemicals on indoor air quality (IAQ) and human health with Chemical Insights' four-part resource that highlights how we can mitigate spread and improve IAQ. 


Chemical Insights is an Institute of Underwriters Laboratories.


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On-demand Webinars

Beyond COVID: The Future of Your Supply Chain

View this discussion with supply chain experts to hear lessons learned during COVID-19 for manufacturing and how the future of the supply chain may be altered to meet the near-term and long-term realities of a changed world. 


Brexit for Consumer Technology Manufacturers

Stay abreast of market entry requirements for the United Kingdom for consumer electronics after Dec. 31, 2020. In this webinar, we will discuss market requirements for United Kingdom. 


UL in the news

UL’s UK Basingstoke Laboratory Now Accredited to Test to Bluetooth® 5 Standard

Basingstoke joins UL’s global network of laboratories in Europe, North America and Asia to provide Bluetooth standardized testing and reports to help launch products across the globe. UL is recognized around the world for its quality and integrity as a third-party organization. As a recognized Bluetooth Qualified Testing Facility (BQTF), Bluetooth SIG recognizes UL’s testing results. Customers can use the report provided to them to list their products on the Bluetooth SIG website.

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UL Opens New Electric Vehicle Battery Testing and Inspection Laboratory to Advance Battery, Charging Systems Safety

Located in Changzhou, China, the facility is one of the most advanced in the world and provides comprehensive EV battery testing and advisory services for EV automotive and battery manufacturers as well as top suppliers to support the growing EV market. 

UL's laboratory can help manufacturers and suppliers better manage battery safety risks and quality, and improve battery performance and functional safety while providing UL’s deep industry know-how in energy, safety and cybersecurity. 

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