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Consumer Products: Highlights from 2019 EU Recalls

Learn more about the key recalls that happened in Europe in 2019.

Consumer Products: Highlights from 2019 EU Recalls

August 13, 2020

 In 2019, EU member states sent a total of 2,243 notifications on dangerous products through Safety Gate, the rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products.

2243 Alerts


The number of follow-up actions taken by authorities following an alert is growing year over year, reaching 4,477 in 2019 compared to 4,050 in 2018.

4477 Follow up actions


Five most notified product categories 

2019 confirmed that authorities prioritize action against unsafe toys over other categories of products. This is a good signal of protection for children. Clothing, textile and fashion items are also common subjects of alerts.

5 most notified products


Five most notified risks

The most common risks mentioned in connection with the dangerous products are injuries and chemical risks. Toys and children’s clothes are linked to chemical risks and injuries.

5 most notified risks


Top EU notifying countries

Top EU notifying countries



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