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The Code Authority Newsletter 2021 | Issue 3

The TCA Newsletter provides timely updates from UL on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of the built environment.

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November 10, 2021

UL Helps Solve Fire Service Challenges for Automated Storage

This case study helped evaluate firefighter tactics for fire control and overhaul in large automated storage facilities that use innovative technology.

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Certified Dialer Capture Modules for Fire Alarm Systems

Reliability requirements must be met when dialer capture modules convert PSTN/POTS to cellular transmission or Ethernet/IP signaling 

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New Safety Measures for Hydrogen Fuel Dispensing Systems

Hydrogen stations differ from traditional gasoline and diesel filling stations and require new safety measures.  

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UL and ICC Announce New Firestop Credentialing Program

UL supports and integrates the new and innovative ICC credentialling for firestopping through required training, education and testing.

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Q&A: Marking on Energy Storage Systems for Residential Use

The model fire codes have requirements for how energy storage systems (ESSs) intended for residential use must be tested and marked

Q&A: Service Companies for Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems

This Q&A provides a summary of UL certification requirements for clean agent systems and the inspection, testing and maintenance necessary to ensure system readiness.

Bruce Johnson is the Managing Editor of the Code Authority Newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL code experts here.