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The Code Authority Newsletter 2020 | Issue 3

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September 11, 2020

Fenestration Mock-Up

Building Envelope Testing Methods Help to Achieve Code Compliance for Performance and the Health and Safety of Occupants

Form versus function: the proper function of windows and doors is a critical aspect of building envelope performance to consider.

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Fireproof column

Mastic and Intumescent Coatings

The passive fire protection of a building provides a compartment for containing fire and smoke. These systems help protect firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations by maintaining the structural integrity of the building during a fire event.

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An electricalroom with circuit breakers.

Field Evaluations — Standards NFPA 790 and NFPA 791

When equipment is modified, rebuilt, or installed without a listing, a field inspection will help determine if the product still meets safety requirements.

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firestop movement “test” image

The New Movement in UL Firestop Certification Programs

While it may be common for elements of building construction to shift during the various phases of a building’s lifespan, does this movement negatively affect the firestop system’s ability to serve its intended fire protective function?

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Firefighters working on roof

PV Rapid Shutdown: Safety Requirements and Communication

This UL white paper identifies key updates and revisions to requirements for PV rapid shutdown systems and explores the future state of communication systems under UL 1741.

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Q&A: Wood and Steel Joists for use in horizontal UL Fire Resistance Designs

There are many UL fire resistance designs featuring the use of wood or steel trusses and joists. These assemblies provide many options for building a horizontal assembly and determining if a joist or truss is appropriate for a specified use can be challenging.

Build Trust in 3D Manufactured Buildings with UL 3401

We’re proud to serve our customers in the 3D printed construction industry, and want to extend a congratulations to Mighty Buildings on being the first company to be certified to UL 3401. 

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Pivotal Role of Pipes and Fittings in Fire Protection

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Community safety

Visit the UL public education webpage for fire safety messaging to enhance your community outreach programs.

September is storm preparedness month

October is fire prevention month


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