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The Code Authority Newsletter 2020 | Issue 1

The TCA Newsletter provides timely updates from UL on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of the built environment.

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February 1, 2020

Catastrophic Exterior Wall Fires in Highrise Buildings

Horrific fires involving the exterior walls of high-rise buildings have fueled debate over how to best mitigate rapid-fire progression on building exteriors. These fires represent a global challenge that begs for a solution.

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Safety Considerations for Additive Manufacturing

3D printing has existed for more than 30 years, but the rate of adoption of this technology is expanding and codes are in a race to catch up.

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UL’s New Safety Standard for Horticultural Lighting Equipment

New safety standards are emerging for lighting equipment used in indoor agriculture facilities to support the safety interests of growers, equipment manufacturers, and the inspection and regulatory community.

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Tools for achieving code compliance: UL Certifications and UL Evaluation Reports

Determine code compliance using the Product iQ database to source UL certified products.

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UL Fire Door Field Inspection and Field Evaluation Programs: What Are The Differences?

Fire doors are tested and certified in the laboratory and can be inspected or evaluated in the field.  Learn the differences.

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Q&A: Fire Resistive Cables and Circuit Integrity Systems

This Q&A provides a brief explanation to increase your general knowledge on these systems and products and explain the tools necessary to search for or verify UL certification.

Bruce Johnson is the Managing Editor of the Code Authority Newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL code experts here.