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CIRS Explains Major Changes in China Dietary Supplement Regulation System

September 15, 2015

CHINA = The Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) has discussed major revisions in the China Dietary Supplement Regulation System covered by the three recent new drafts released by the China Food and Drug Administration, namely, "Administrative Measures on Dietary Supplement Registration and Notification (Draft)," "Administrative Measures on Dietary Supplement Function Directory and Food Raw Material Directory (Draft)," and "Administrative Measures on the labeling of Dietary Supplement (Draft)." Revisions include:

  • Inclusion of a "Notification system" in the dietary supplement management system
  • Some changes in the definition of "dietary supplement"
  • The changes of the required qualification of the applicant
  • Management of registration procedure based on the risk grade
  • Changes in required materials on dietary supplement registration and notification
  • Restriction for function name or relevant function claim in the product name
  • Addition of dietary supplement function directory
  • Addition of dietary supplement food raw material directory
  • Authorized department for dietary supplements registration and notification
  • Notification certificate timeliness
  • Cancellation of registration certificate
  • Charge for administrative cost