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Chinese Standard GB 20400-2006 for Leather & Fur: Are your goods in compliance?

November 7, 2013

Chinese textile standard GB 20400-2006 restricts the amount of Azo dyes and formaldehyde that may be present in ‘daily use' leather and fur products placed on the Chinese market. It does not apply to industrial leather and fur products or products in the industrial and special trade.

Why It Matters
Azo dyes and formaldehyde may be used in the processing of fur and leather.

Formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen and is restricted in concentrations above the limits set forth by GB 20400, which vary by product category.

Azo dyes may release one or more of 23 aromatic amines in detectable concentrations. Certain Azo dyes that produce amines are classified as carcinogenic due to reduction decomposition. If absorbed by the human body, the azo dyes may be changed due to the presence of enzymes systems with reduction properties. It is those dyestuffs that produce carcinogenic amines due to this reduction decomposition that are subject to regulations.

How Can UL Help
UL now offers testing services for GB 20400-2006 to help ensure that buyers, manufacturers and trading companies' products are compliant with the GB standard and provide an important guide for the sale of products in the Chinese market. For more information please contact us on the button on the side.