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China to Standardize Instructions for Use of Textiles and Apparel

May 21, 2014

Mandatory Chinese national standard GB 5296.4-2012 “Instructions for use of products of consumer interest- Part 4: Textiles and apparel” is in effect and all textiles and apparel sold in China fall into its applicable scope.

The mandatory standard requires the following content for the instruction:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer
  • Product name
  • Size and type (refer to GB/T 1335 or GB/T 6411 for apparels)
  • Fiber composition and content (refer to FZ/T 01053; refer to QB/T 2262 for leather apparels)
  • Maintenance method (refer to GB/T 8685)
  • Production standard
  • Class of safety evaluation (refer to GB 18401)
  • Notes for use and storage


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