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China Sets Five Checkpoints for Imported Dairy Products

July 16, 2013

To ensure the quality of both domestic and imported dairy products, the Administrative Measure on Inspection, Quarantine and Supervision of Import and Export Dairy Products, also known as AQSIQ Decree No. 152 of 2013, has come into force beginning May 1, 2013. Local China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) staff now have the ability to conduct stricter inspections on imported dairy products, including colostrum, raw milk and milk products, with the possibility of quarantine in line with the new Measure.

Under the newly effective Measure, importers are required to provide the testing report with all mandatory testing items according to the National Food Safety Standard-Infant Formula (GB 10765-2010). On-site checks by CIQ officials will look at product consistency, packaging, appearance, and storage conditions. Products found to have broken packages, any leakage or deterioration or found to be contaminated are categorized as "unqualified goods," which will be destroyed or offered for safety disposal.

Chinese labels represent one of the key sources of information to be checked, and imported products must bear normative labels; otherwise they will be prohibited to enter into the Chinese market.

Dairy products are subject to random checks and will be sent to food testing laboratories for testing by designated CIQ personnel. Samples arriving at the laboratory are jointly checked by CIQ staff and technical personnel to determine whether the outer package, quantity, and temperature meet the testing requirement and to identify those items that require testing.