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China Releases Shoe Standards

September 13, 2016

China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has released the following shoe standards:

HG/T 4990-2016 Shoes Reverse Side Performance Test Law Test method to reverse the performance of rubber shoes
HG/T 4991-2016 Shoes Film Elongation Test Method Elongation of rubber surface shoes (boots)
HG/T 4992-2016 Jogging Shoes Requirements, test methods and rules for inspection, packaging, transportation and storage
HG/T 4993-2016 Shoe Microporous Material Test methods for shoe microporous material resiliency
QB/T 5004-2016 Shoes, Shoe Fasteners and Brazing Buckling Test method for the shoes, buckles, and belt fastener assembly
QB/T 2880-2016 Children's Shoes Establishes the following:
• Use of gluing, sewing, molding, curing, injection molding and filling
• Terms and definitions of children's shoes
• Classification and test methods
• Marking, packaging and transportation rules

The standards can be viewed in the "Consolidated List of 425 Industry Standards" (in Chinese).

They will take effect on January 1, 2017.


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